Bye Bye Pavonia

The civic-minded folks at PATH have trashed another Jersey City icon.

As of January 1st, 2011, the station name “Pavonia/Newport” has been emasculated to plain old Newport.

Thus, a name more than 350 years old, the name at the roots of this town, the name given it by its first European settlers, is gone as the name of a neighborhood. All the reference to history, all the attachment to our roots, all the memory of how we started, all wrapped up in the evocative, romantic name “Pavonia”, is now . . . Newport.

It now shares the charm of a brand of mentholated cigarettes and  and the historic significance of a collection of unimaginative glass towers. Bye-bye Pavonia, bye-bye.

There definitely are duller, less imaginative names than Newport. I just can’t think of one at the moment because I am stuck contemplating the 1950’s-ness, the ya-ba-dab-ba-do, the real estate developer’s sprawling table-top model-ness, the Forbidden Planet-ness, the mentholated cancer stick of it, the flat, created-last-week in fading plastic and flaking-concreteness of Newport.

Maybe in another 1,000 years or so, a real estate developer will remove the midden that the current archipile became around 2050, do a haz-mat job and rename it, “Pavonia” and justify the abandonment of that fine, old, antiqued name Newport with the advertising slogan “Pavonia, the revival of a bygone eon.”

Until then, Goodbye Pavonia. We hardly knew ye.

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